Recovery without Growth: Pathways toward a Regenerative Economy

Recovery without Growth: Pathways toward a Regenerative Economy

Even during the COVID-19 times, people are more scared of possible economic insecurity, than of a virus itself. Many are losing jobs and their financial well-being is at risk. Governments are talking only about how to ensure GDP growth again, so we get 'back to normal'. The most advanced ones are discussing ‘green growth’ so we could harm the planet less.

But is it possible to reduce materials extraction and CO2 emissions while keeping GDP growth at all? Most likely, it’s not. What we could possibly do is to substantially transform our economic systems and step away from the GDP as main indicator of flourishing societies and people’s well-being. Dr. Hickel has introduced an alternative – the Sustainable Development Index (SDI), which updates HDI (Human Development Index) with ecological impact and seems to become the most adequate indicator to focus times of Anthropocene.

During the webinar with Jason Hickel we’ll discuss growth and degrowth, direct and indirect impact of countries on environment, opportunities to shift towards a regenerative economy and the role of circularity in it.

Dr. Jason Hickel is an economic anthropologist, author, creator of SDI, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the International Inequalities Institute at the London School of Economics, and Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London. He serves on the Statistical Advisory Panel for the UN Human Development Report 2020 and the advisory board of the Green New Deal for Europe.

Jason's research focuses on global inequality, political economy, post-development, and ecological economics, which are the subjects of his two most recent books: The Divide: A Brief Guide to Global Inequality and its Solutions (Penguin, 2017), and Less is More: How Degrowth Will Save the World (Penguin, 2020).

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